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Zero Waste Cream Deodorant

I think this is the ultimate sign of going full on crunchy. Well, maybe besides not wearing any at all. This cream deodorant is my long lasting, super strength recipe for fighting BO. Make sure you detox before switching!

Cream Deodorant

Time: 5 minutes

Difficulty: Easy


  • 1/4 cup cornstarch (4 Tbsp)
  • 1/4 cup baking soda (4 Tbsp)
  • 1/2 cup coconut oil (8 Tbsp)
  • 25 drops essential oil (1 tsp)


  1. Combine all ingredients in a jar and mix. You can slightly melt the coconut oil to help make a smooth paste.
    • It’s that easy! I use tea tree oil because along with the coconut oil it is also anti-bacterial. Lavender is a favorite smell and helps with skin irritation.

To Use

Dip the tips of your fingers into your jar and take a teaspoon sized amount. Rub the cream on the tips of your fingers to melt the coconut oil. Apply to your underarms and go conquer your day.

I apply after showering. I only need to apply once a day but it is safe enough to apply more than that.


This recipe is shelf stable and lasts me up to 4 months. A whole batch will get me through the entire summer.

Because the ratio of total powder to oil is 1:1, it remains a cream at higher temperatures. Some of my other beauty recipes that are majority coconut oil melt much easier in a hot apartment.

But It Doesn’t Make You Stop Sweating…?

Right, so you will still sweat when you wear this deodorant. Because I mainly use it in the summer, I wear more tank tops to not get sweat marks. I also wear light and breathable fabrics like cotton. Cotton is one of the most sustainable fabrics and it is easy to wash.


So far I have not had any problems with this staining my clothes. I was especially worried that the coconut oil would stain because it is well, oil. But no problems yet! The amount of coconut oil is not substantial enough to sit on the skin. The coconut oil gets absorbed (in a minute or 2) and basically hydrates my skin.

2017-06-29 11.40.09

Who knew that deodorant could be so simple? It is hard to believe that it works so well when traditional deodorants have a laundry list of ingredients and chemicals. Now that the summer is almost over, I can say it is thoroughly tested. Are you convinced?

Happy Making-

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