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Bullet Journal: New Year Setup 2019

This is my first time using and creating a bullet journal. And I already love it! I’m convinced of its usefulness in tracking, organizing, and journaling. I feel like journaling is something that you don’t see a lot of in bullet journals. But I love to keep a diary of important days or events in my life. The great thing about a bullet journal is that it’s up to me! I can do both. It’s a blank canvas for my needs. Whether I need to journal one week, doodle the next, or keep an agenda, all of these things are possible when I’m the one designing its features.

Something that I grappled with before embarking on this process, was the fact that the bullet journal and materials aren’t exactly zero waste. But besides the journal itself, I already had all the materials. I didn’t buy anything except the journal. In this way, I’m using what I already have. As for the journal itself, I plan to keep it for my entire life. It has value to me in documenting important events of my life, my thoughts, and generally keeping a record that I can refer to in the future.

I’ve been scouring Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. After drafting on scrap paper, I came up with this set up for my 2019 bullet journal. I went with a clean, easy design and especially love the future log I came up with.


Simple, minimalist bullet journal cover design for 2019

Yearly View

Bullet journal yearly view and bullet journal key

Future Log

Bullet journal future log to track events, holidays, and birthdays

Resolutions and Goals

Bullet journal resolutions and goals for 2019

Do you have a bullet journal? I’ve found I’m really enjoying the process of designing and doodling my life.

Happy Day-

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