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DIY Zero Waste All-Purpose Cleaner

When I started this blog, I wanted to publish a #zerowastewednesday blog post every week. That really didn’t pan out because I lived in Spain for a year and I expanded the focus of this blog to include my writing and reading pursuits. But I’m still a zero waste enthusiast and want to share one of the easiest zero waste cleaning solutions.

Honestly, there’s not a lot of zero waste cleaning recipes because you don’t really need a lot. Besides good old soap and water, this vinegar all-purpose cleaner is my natural cleaning go to. This recipe is all over the internet! It’s no secret– it’s the simplest and safest cleaning solution out there. Not to mention, it’s incredibly effective. I’ve been using this zero waste all-purpose cleaner for a couple months and love it so much I want to share!

First, soak orange peels in vinegar for a couple weeks. It’s a great way to repurpose the peels before tossing them in the compost. You can also soak cinnamon sticks if you want a layered fragrance. (I only used orange peels.)

Soaking orange peels in vinegar to make a DIY zero waste/low waste all natural, all-purpose cleaner.

Leave the peels to soak for at least a week (or longer!). Then, strain the solution and pour in a glass spray bottle. I love this spray bottle from Amazon. It comes in minimal packaging and is so durable! The glass is super thick; plus, I love the clear glass and has two spray settings in the nozzle.

Fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water. You should aim for 1:1 ratio of vinegar and water. (I did not measure because it doesn’t have to be perfect.) The spray smells like oranges! And yes, it also smells like vinegar but the vinegar smell fades quickly.

My all natural, all-purpose cleaner: vinegar and distilled water.

To use, spray the solution on surfaces like counters, mirrors, or windows. Wipe the solution with a towel or rag. I use Bambooee Reusable Bamboo Towels. They are washable and you can use them on glass! Yes, really! I use the spray and towel to clean both mirrors and windows. The Bambooee towels did come wrapped in plastic but I hope this cloth towel roll will last me my whole life.

Bambooee reusable cloth towels used with a DIY all purpose natural vinegar cleaning solution

You can also use cut up t-shirts, dish towels, or old/second-hand clothes. Microfiber towels are also great. I find that some towels can leave fuzzies so t-shirts and other fuzz free fabrics are a good choice.

There are a lot of options and more zero waste ones than buying Bambooee towels. But I must say that I love the convenience and effectiveness of these towels. They are so easy to throw in the washer after use! Plus, they are pretty inexpensive. Buy them on Amazon here.

Another benefit of this recipe is how cost effective it is! You can clean your whole house with inexpensive vinegar and water. Vinegar is also biodegradable and a good alternative to bleach. It’s child-friendly because there are no harsh chemicals. You could drink this! (Obviously, don’t do this but if a child drank some by accident it would be okay.)

Have you seen this before? What do you use to clean your house? Let me know what other low waste solutions you’d like to see from the blog!

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