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Photoblog: Small Towns, Big Sights // Ronda, Spain

May 2018

During the last week of May, American friends of mine came to visit and stay with me before embarking on their own European adventure. We wanted to go somewhere close, near Córdoba. Plus with so many of us, we could rent a car and finally go to Ronda. Because it’s not exactly easy to get to.

I wanted to go to Ronda ever since my Spanish professor at university showed us pictures of his hometown. Yes, he was from this unbelievable place. Once you see the pictures for yourself you see just how incredible this place is. People actually get to live here!

Setenil de Las Bodegas

This town is right outside Ronda and is special for this one feature: an awning made of rock and buildings built into the cliff side. There’s not much to do there but we had a great traditional Spanish lunch at a cafe outside, sitting next the stream, and under the rock cliff itself.

Small town of Setenil de Las Bodegas outside of Malaga and near Cordoba, Spain
View of Setenil de las Bodegas from above with beautiful white buildings and houses in the valley
Cute antique door in the Spanish village of Setenil de las Bodegas
The stream that runs through the Spanish village of Setenil de las Bodegas


We were lucky enough to visit Ronda while they were having a small festival! There was a skit on the steps of the municipal building and the park was full of food and trinket vendors. The weather was gorgeous but it was nothing compared to the epic architecture of the town itself.

View of the valley and mountains at dusk in Ronda Spain
A festival in Ronda Spain in May
Spanish food at a festival in Ronda Spain in late May
The incredible view of Ronda's cliff-side town in Spain
The new bridge of Ronda Spain
The new bridge in Ronda Spain, insane bridge and view of the Moorish architecture
Hayley Elizabeth in front of Ronda's new bridge in southern Spain, Malaga
Window detail in a Spanish village
The archway that leads to the old bridge in Ronda Spain with a view of the surrounding countryside and mountains
Cobble stone streets of a Spanish village in southern Spain, this ancient archway leads to the old bridge of Ronda
The old bridge of Ronda Spain with sweeping views of the countryside and mountains
Rose garden in Ronda Spain near the old bridge, pink rose leaning against a stone wall detail
Dark clouds rolling in over Ronda Spain in southern Spain near Malaga, white building sit atop a massive cliff

Ronda is home to the oldest bullfighting ring in Spain. This stadium is half museum and half equestrian center.

Bull fighting ring in Ronda Spain
Fencing of the bull fighting ring in Ronda Spain
Fencing in the bull fighting ring in Ronda Spain

Caminito del Rey

On Sunday, we headed east to walk the Caminito del Rey or the walk of the King. This walk is not strenuous and people of all ages were walking this path. However, if you are scared of heights (like me) you might accidentally pee your pants or be shaking quite a lot. The walkway is built on the side of the massive canyon that gives impressive views of the river carved natural wonder.

El Caminito del Rey in Malaga Spain also near Ronda, insane path in the cliffs
Hayley Elizabeth on the Caminito del Rey near Malaga Spain, the walk of the king
Valley with green river in southern Spain on the Caminito del Rey
Valley and cliffs of southern Spain near Ronda and Malaga on the Caminito del Rey
The walkway on the Caminito del Rey in southern Spain near Malada with the impressive valley and river miles below
Shades of cliff-like rock on the Caminito del Rey

Don’t you see how crazy it is that people get to live in these places? What do you think of architecture? I must admit that Ronda inspired a middle grade fantasy book idea that hopefully I’ll get to write someday. And I’ll be using these pictures as inspiration!

Happy Traveling-

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