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Photoblog: Segovia and Northern Spain

June 2018

Happy travel Tuesday! (I totally just made that up.) I’m still getting around to sharing some of the last pictures of my travels last year. Just a couple more (literally two) posts featuring some of my pictures.

My parents and neighbors visited me in Spain after I finished my school year in Córdoba. My parents then dropped my brother and I off in Jean St. Pied de Port and we walked El Camino de Santiago, a pilgrimage across northern Spain. (Read my reflection here after walking 460 km!) In a nine-passenger van, we drove around Northern Spain, visited wineries, and ate pinchos. Here are some of my pictures of the region!


Segovia Spain
Castle in Segovia Spain
Castle view of Segovia spain
castle view of segovia spain
castle window view in segovia spain
street view of church in segovia spain
famous roman aquaducts of segovia spain
famous intact ancient aquaducts in segovia spain
aquaducts of segovia spain
Rainbow over the streets in segovia spain
cathedral ceiling in segovia spain
segovia cathedral spain

La Rioja

grape vines on a winery in la rioja region of Spain
Grape vines in a winery in la rioja spain

As always, I wish there would have been more time to explore this rich region more. But it just means I’ll have to visit again to experience some more famous La Rioja red wine.

Happy Travels-

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