I’m Hayley, writer and blogger who wants everyone to reach their full creative potential. When I simplified my life and started living zero waste, I had more time to achieve my creative goals. I just finished writing my first book, a young adult fantasy novel, that I am seeking publication for. Here I share all my creative and conscious living experiences whether it’s writing, eco beauty, DIY, low waste, book reviews, or travel adventures.

Hayley Elizabeth

How It All Started

This blog was born the summer after I graduated from university. While I sat in my apartment waiting for my year abroad to begin, I experimented with eco beauty recipes and explored zero waste living. I switched to an eco-friendly lifestyle to improve my health and the health of the planet. In my efforts to reduce my waste, I sewed, crocheted, and generally crafted my own unique products to fit my sustainable lifestyle.

Then I packed my bags and moved to southern Spain to teach English in a bilingual elementary school. For a year, I lived in C├│rdoba as an auxiliar de conversaci├│n. On the weekends, I explored Spain, photographing my way around the country. I also traveled to Portugal, France, Morocco, and England. I ended my year by hiking 460 kilometers of El Camino de Santiago, an ancient pilgrimage across northern Spain.

All this time, I worked on my passion project: my first YA epic fantasy novel Lady of Despair and Destiny. When I wasn’t teaching, traveling, blogging, or rewatching Downton Abbey, I was writing. I am a writer first and foremost. That’s when the scope of this blog changed to encompass my dream of becoming a published author. You can now find (some) book reviews and writing advice. Plus updates on my book!

Purpose of this Blog

I want to encourage everyone to live a creative life. Creating and connecting with others makes life fulfilling. I think everyone has the drive to live creatively. And let me tell you, you have the ability to create and change the world on your own.

I’m sharing my journey to a creative and conscious life in hopes to inspire others to try it themselves. It’s about spreading art and kindness on this planet. I believe in leading by example. As an introvert, activism and telling others what to do is not my thing. I’d rather inspire others by sharing my personal experience. I hope I can give people confidence with my ideas.  I just want everyone to reach their full potential for self-expression.

Thanks for reading!

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