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A Summer Send Off

Guess what I have been doing this summer? Yes, this blog has been my summer project and I am thrilled that it is getting it’s launch. When I was little my dream was to be an astronaut. So I feel like it’s a little bit fitting that instead of a launch into actual space, at least I’m taking off into internet space. (I will try to planet as many puns in this blog as I can.) But I digress. Welcome to my first post!

An elevator pitch: my name is Hayley and I’m a bit of a renaissance woman; I am a creative crafter, attempt photographer, nature lover, artist, avid reader, and aspiring author. And apparently humble?

One of the biggest changes that I have made in my life is choosing to go granola. Yes, this blog will definitely get crunchy. But it is one of those things that is not completely obvious. I just live my normal life and get only mild side eye when I tell people I make my own deodorant. And I love to travel! So everything I do hopefully will be travel sized. And less is more when it comes to sustainability.

The zero waste movement is full of amazing folks trying their best to reduce all physical trash. Reaching ‘zero’ is a goal, not the start. Unless maybe you’re Hercules. And you’re going from zero to hero. I’d like to think of myself as a environmental hero of sorts. Saving our planet one small change and choice at a time.

What’s to Come:

1. Yeah, I’m going to Spain in two months. I will be an auxiliares de conversación in Córdoba. I hope to document my experience in Spain and help other language assistants get abroad. But I have to go first. I applied to this program on a whim… That sounds terrible. But I just knew that I had to get out there and see the world! Spain has been calling my name for the past couple of years and I will be going there for the first time very shortly. There is anxiety, anticipation, and ardor in equal amounts. I will try and document all the trials and triumphs of moving abroad and teaching English to students.

Have you moved abroad before and have tips to share? Please send them my way! I am currently getting my visa and (re)learning Spanish.

2. Be sure to visit every Wednesday for a zero waste post. And don’t forget to follow me on social media for #zerowastewednesday posts and share some of your own!

3. I tend to craft on an as needed basis. From now on I will try and document every DIY project I embark on. All things crafty make me a happy camper. The summer has always been a time for me to get my sewing machine out and stay inside for a couple hours away from the sweltering sun.

Palm Trees of Miami Beach

Some Goals:

1. Be Real

This blog will hopefully be unapologetically me. (Again, humble much. But then again this is a personal blog.) Being authentic is about living your values. Only then will the truth of who you are be brought to life.

2. Balancing Beauty

I think everyone has a need to experience and create aesthetic pleasure. Art! Art is life! I want to try to balance the beauty of creating with do-ability. Not everything I make also looks great (which I found out very quickly when I try and take a picture of a meal I’ve cooked). Keeping it simple helps a lot! The internet has a fantastic wealth of tutorials and ideas. (Umm, Pinterest is basically my favorite website.) Hopefully this blog can be another stop for pretty and simple projects.

3. Ubiquitous Uniqueness

Literally everyone in this whole world is unique in their own way! And that should be celebrated. I definitely feel the need to express personal passions, creativity, and nonconformity. Now instead of annoying my family with late night brainstorm binges, I can annoy the internet. My family and friends could use a break.

4. Keep Writing!

I don’t want to drift into passivity when my voice is needed the most. My voice is my most valuable form of rally. The pen is mightier than the sword after all. This blog is a small way for me to influence others and hopefully make readers conscious of their personal consumption.

But the bottom line is that this blog is a personal journal. All my passions in one place! Albeit, a very public place. Notions that are both conscious and creative. Hence my tag line: conscious and creative notions.

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Hayley's Summer Send Off

Happy Day-

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