Laid-Back Low Do

This is the first of many hair tutorials to come *cheers.* I tend to express myself through my hair styles and this laid-back low do is perfect for some understated elegance.

Laid-Back Low Do

Time: 15 minutes

Difficulty: Medium


2017-07-03 10.54.53    2017-07-03 10.55.17

Start by pulling portions of hair on either side of your head. I go from the top of my head diagonally to right behind my ears. Put these sections of hair in a ponytail to braid later.

2017-07-03 10.57.39

Take the hair on your crown and bobby pin it at the nape of your neck. You can also tease the hair to give some volume to your crown .

2017-07-03 10.58.00    2017-07-03 10.58.22

Put the bottom portion of your hair in a bun. Option 1 is to just put it in a messy bun.

2017-07-03 10.58.51    2017-07-03 10.59.00

Option 2 is to just twist it around your fingers.

2017-07-03 10.59.08

Don’t forget to bobby pin!

2017-07-03 11.02.25    2017-07-03 11.02.59

Braid the sections of hair on either side of your head. Stop about 2-3 inches from the bottom. When braiding, make sure to braid away from your face and not downwards.

2017-07-03 11.04.21

Slightly pull the edges of the braids to make the braid wider.

2017-07-03 11.07.26    2017-07-03 11.07.35

Take the braids and lay them at the base of your crown, above the bun. Then fold the braid back in on itself and tuck it underneath. This way the thickest part of the braid is the part that is visible.

2017-07-03 11.08.33    2017-07-03 11.09.01

Bobby pins for days! When putting in bobby pins make sure they cross each other in an ‘x’ to secure the hold. This hair style tends to be a bit slippery so the more pins the better. I usually have a couple in my bag to fasten any strands that come loose. I tend to find that after a couple hours proves where I lacked in the bobby pin department. If you do a messy bun, the hair tie tends to be more of a secure foundation for the braids. I don’t use hair spray but you definitely can! Do you know of any zero waste hair spray alternatives?

2017-07-03 11.13.06    2017-07-03 11.10.522017-07-03 11.10.33

This romper I’m wearing? Thrift store. It used to be a jumper but I cut the pants to shorts and hemmed it. Getting creative and being conscious by shopping second hand. (Did you see what I did there? Haha) I love to wear my hair up (or low) to show off the back! What favorite hairstyles let you show off a favorite outfit?

Happy Styling-

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