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Photoblog: Castle and Grounds of Almodóvar del Río, Spain

February 2018

Hayley and Hailey went to Highgarden one Sunday. We took a bus for just two euros to a small town outside of Córdoba– Almodóvar del Río. There is absolutely nothing else in this small pueblo besides the castle. (Okay, okay, and a restaurant.) It’s the perfect little half a day trip from Córdoba. We wandered and took pictures like we belonged to the noble house of Tyrell.

2018-02-11 14.23.37-12018-02-11 14.27.572018-02-11 14.30.202018-02-11 14.34.002018-02-11 14.42.172018-02-11 15.10.552018-02-11 15.46.112018-02-11 15.51.33

After exploring the castle and grounds for a couple of hours we had some time to catch the bus. As the scheduled time came and passed we were disappointed and confused. (It turns out the website was wrong! Way to go Spain.) So we just sat around with the old people hanging out at the bus stop. Like a band of teenage thugs, these senior citizens had staked out this prime location for soaking in the sun, watching the road, and waiting for sunset. And we waited for the next bus with them after taking copious amounts of sunset pictures.

2018-02-11 18.28.582018-02-11 18.38.572018-02-11 18.52.032018-02-11 18.54.22

Doesn’t this last picture look like it was taken in California? If you have the time make sure to stop by this little gem and take a look at the Castillo de Almodóvar del Río.

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Photoblog_ Castle and Grounds of Almodóvar del Río, Spain

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