Photoblog: Museum Hopping in Rainy Madrid, Spain

March 2018

At this point in the year, it had been raining in Spain for three straight weeks. In February, I didn’t travel a lot because of the crappy weather and that was a nice change. I also knew that the upcoming weeks in March were going to be full of travel. But I hadn’t been to Madrid yet! Living in Spain for almost six months at this point and I hadn’t been to the capital only a couple hours away.

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My friend from Penn State, Sarah, lived in Madrid and did the same program as me but in the big city. She was nice enough to host Hailey and I at her apartment for a night. We didn’t want to spend a lot time or money on this little trip. We knew that it was going to rain a bunch and we really had one mission: museums. Hailey loves museums– probably more than I do– and was happy to tag along for a rainy weekend of museum hopping.

And that’s what we did. We saw the Prado, the Reina Sofia, and the royal palace of Madrid. It was fabulous! But of course you can’t take pictures inside these places so this photoblog is seriously lacking. But I did want to give you a taste of Madrid. Because what I discovered was that Madrid isn’t a pretty city. It’s more modern and industrial than other older European cities.

Madrid does offer a ton of attractions though. And for me the other main attraction (besides the museums) was the food! There are so many diverse and delicious food options in Madrid. Besides making our way through museums, we also ate our way through Venezuelan arepas, Asian stir fry, and a huge (and I mean three course, wine and tea included) French brunch.

2018-03-09 15.31.052018-03-09 15.48.16-22018-03-09 18.24.132018-03-09 18.58.12 HDR2018-03-10 15.09.532018-03-10 16.00.55Courtyard of the royal palace of Madrid

Have you ever been to Madrid? What did you think of the city? I definitely think I need to go again with more time and, hopefully, with a little less rain!

Happy Travels-

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