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Bullet Journal: January and February 2019

I’ve been having a lot of fun planning and testing out my bullet journal. This month I broke out the watercolors. Because I’m artsy fartsy. And classy! (Surprise, I’m actually not.) You can even see where I messed up in February and had to white out a wrong line. I am human and humans make mistakes. Sometimes Pinterest lies and things are actually NOT that perfect in real life. Also, this is just me experimenting and having fun with a bullet journal.

Monthly Layouts

January 2019 monthly bullet journal layout
February monthly layout bullet journal


The first couple of weeks of the New Year, I needed to journal and not just keep track of my schedule; hence, how I laid out my journal entries. By week and then by day. I burred out my diary because you don’t really need to see how much I ramble.

Actually journaling in a bullet journal

Weekly Layouts

I usually stick to one week per page because I like to leave pages free for future journaling. Plus, I think it’s enough room to write my schedule and such. Have a look at my basic bullet journal layouts for week 3 to week 9 of 2019.

Basic 2 week bullet journal layout
Colorful and minimalist 2 week bullet journal layout
Basic 2 week bullet journal layout with watercolor and quote
Weekly bullet journal layout with page for reflections and an inspirational quote

These first two months, I’ve been experimenting with different layouts to find the one that works for me. You can see that nothing is perfect and some pages look better than others. But who cares! This is for me and nothing has to be perfect. Do you have a bullet journal?

Happy Day-


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