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My Zero Waste Shower Essentials

My beauty routine is completely zero waste! Everything in my bathroom is all natural and produces little to no waste. When I evaluated my priorities for my beauty routine, I asked myself: what do I really need? In the end, not much. Plus, I make some of my own products (see here) and that saves me a good amount of money.

My Four Zero Waste Shower Essentials; a minimalist and low waste beauty routine

A Minimalist List of Shower Essentials

My zero waste shower products. Just four essentials for a minimalist and all natural beauty routine

Hair Routine

I have curly hair so most days I can get away with simply co-washing (or washing my hair with only conditioner). I comb my hair in the shower after it’s rinsed. Since starting the curly girl method, I no longer brush my hair because it would disturb my natural curl pattern (the one I’m patiently trying to form).

About once every ten days, I wash my hair with my bar of homemade Castile soap. Yup, it makes an amazing shampoo! The formula is super simple. A traditional Castile soap is made with 100 percent olive oil. Since oil olive is a soft oil, adding salt to the batch helps harden the bar. Curly hair loves a bit of salt. After swimming in the ocean, my hair is always amazingly curly.

The conditioner from Plaine Products is great: environmentally friendly, sustainable, biodegradable, vegan, non-toxic, cruelty-free, sulfate-free, and more! Plus it smells amazing! I use their citrus lavender conditioner and it even feels exactly like a regular conditioner on my hair.

The best part is that it comes in an aluminum bottle that can be refilled when needed. There is a subscription service that makes it easy to request a new bottle and return a used one. The downside is that it comes with a little bit of an expensive price tag. But I’m fortunate enough to get by with only using conditioner. (Because they also have a variety of other products including shampoo and body wash.) In the winter months, I need more conditioner every two months. In the summer months, I only need a refill every three months. Curly hair hates dry weather and loves humidity!

Hair products for a curly hair zero waste, all natural shower routine

Body Routine

As well as using the bar soap on my hair, I also use it to wash my face and body. It’s gentle and moisturizing. I add lavender fragrance oil to my soap and my showers are filled with lavender mist. It’s thick later is also great for shaving.

When I shave, I use my gorgeous safety razor from The Copper Hat. I am in love with my razor! Besides maybe my menstrual cup, I think it’s my favorite zero waste investment. Again, it was a costly upfront purchase, but after a year and a half of use, I think it’s paid for itself. This razor will last my entire life (and beyond) if I take care of it correctly. The replacement blades cost as little as twenty-five cents. A nice disposable razor that won’t cut you might cost as much as ten dollars, not to mention, I think the blades wear out a lot faster. I can go three months without changing the blade on my safety razor. I’m still on my first package of ten blades!

Safety razor and Castile soap bar used in my eco beauty, zero waste, minimalist, shower routine

And that’s it! I keep just four products in my shower. What are you zero essentials? Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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