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A Look at my Beauty Counter: Eco Beauty Reality

Happy Earth Day! Especially today when we reflect on the state of our planet, it can be disheartening. But small changes really can make a big impact. Something as simple realizing what’s in your bathroom can help send less to landfill.

I live with my parents and I have no choice but to drive to work. Despite the things I can’t change, I’ve made (albeit small) changes in my daily routine to help reduce my impact. My beauty and self-care routine was one of this first I could control and change on my own. By making my own products and choosing sustainable options, I’ve managed to establish a zero waste beauty routine.


Eco beauty and zero waste products expectation minimalist routine

The expectations are that I store everything in glass bottles and everything is made of metal. The reality is that I still have a lot of products in plastic! But I’m not going to get rid of them. That’s against the point. It’s not about replacing perfectly good products. It’s about using them up or wearing them out first.

Buying new isn’t the answer. Doing without is best. Buying second hand is great. And buying sustainable products is good. Reducing and creating a minimalist routine is the ultimate goal. But it’s not about being perfect. I’m just trying to make better choices for myself and the planet at the same time. I still wear makeup and shave my legs. But over time I’ve slowly switched to sustainable products. And let me tell you, it’s been a slow process. Even after three years, I still have products in plastic!


eco beauty reality of products and routine

Some of the sad reality is that I can’t get some things plastic free or eco-friendly. I have severe allergy induced asthma and I will not compromise my health by refusing medicine that comes in plastic. Contact lenses are another place where I still produce a fair amount of waste.

Some things need replacing sooner like toothbrushes and toothpaste. But for items that have a longer shelf life, use them up first. It’s about being intentional with your purchases when you need to replace them. And when you do need to replace something, invest in something that is made to last. Be aware of the materials things are made of. Some things are inherently made of reusable and durable materials, like tweezers and nail clippers made out of metal.

Now, this might just be a small thing, my beauty counter, but all these small changes can add up to a big impact. Because right now in the reality of my life and my budget, it’s about small changes. It’s what I do every day that makes a difference. Being a smart consumer. Buying less. Refusing unwanted plastic. Reusing things I already own. Reducing my impact one step at a time.

So let’s be aware of what we own! Let’s no throw away things for the sake of cultivating a certain aesthetic or perceived reality. Let’s take care of the Earth in any way we can.

Happy Day-

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