My name is Hayley and I’m a writer with conscious and creative notions. I write young adult, fantasy, and historical fiction (all with a splash of romance, of course). I just finished writing my first book and I am currently in the process of editing and rewriting!

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About this Blog

Writing is my passion but I also have a lot of other interests… Maybe too many other interests. I consider myself a renaissance woman (humble brag) because I am accomplished in a lot of different things whether it be sewing, crochet, photography, drawing, painting, soap making, crafting, reading, or writing. Or I might just be a serial hobbyist. But whatever it is, I have this blog as a journal of all my diversions.

I believe in leading by example. As an introvert, activism and telling others what to do is not my thing. I’d rather share what I do, and if others are inspired to do something similar, what joy!

I want to let you know that if you feel the world lacks authenticity and you feel like you lack the ability to create and change the world on your own, you are not alone! Nobody is perfect and I am continuing to be intentional with my thoughts, words, and actions. I hope I can help you gain confidence with achievable ideas and motivation. Or even better, we can do it together! I want everyone to reach their full potential for self-expression.

About Me

I grew up in the wilds of Pennsylvania in a cabin in the woods, surrounded by enormous boulders and tall trees. My barefoot, blue jean childhood was spent exploring this natural playground with my younger brother Kyle. Alongside my adventurous parents, I gained a real appreciation for living in tune with nature and traveling.

Like a lot of writers, I’ve had a lot of different jobs over the years. Lifeguard, swim lesson instructor, waitress, belly dance teacher. There was this one time I lived in Spain and I wrote mini-memoirs about my time there. I taught English in a public bilingual elementary school as an auxiliar de conversacion. I think one of the most important posts I wrote was my reflection after my year in Córdoba.

While living in Europe, I got to do a ton of traveling. And travel on the cheap! I’m not a travel blogger so I’m not going to tell you how or where to travel; I tell travel stories. I like to paint a picture of my experience with a narrative and photographs. You can read about the time I accidentally cried in a small restaurant in Portugal or about the time I rode on a camel through the Sahara desert in Morocco.

From a young age, I have always been crafting. My mom is a huge do-it-yourself type person. She influenced me before I even understood the definition of creativity. When I got an American Girl Doll in elementary school, my imagination accelerated. I made absolutely everything for my precious dolls– clothes, quilts, mini-books, you name it! My first instinct when I need or want something is to make it myself. I love to have unique things to fit my use and express myself. So here I am making everything whether it requires a sewing machine or a crochet hook.

Check out my most popular DIY blog post: Reusable Cotton Rounds (+3 Zero Waste Makeup Removers).

Call me vain but I love to wear makeup and do my hair! Since realizing the role I play in helping our environment, I’ve been striving to reduce the waste I create in my beauty routine. And I can say, that I’ve succeeded! My beauty routine is completely zero waste! It’s taken a lot of trial and error and evaluating my priorities to come up with a daily practice that is all natural and produces hardly any waste. See some of my trials and errors for yourself in my beauty section.

I’ve been trying to live my values and one thing that I care about is taking care of the environment. While on the internet, I stumbled upon the zero waste movement. This movement is something that fits many of my personal beliefs. I am on a journey to reduce waste and live a more sustainable lifestyle. As my mom likes to call it, I’m going granola. This voyage doesn’t happen overnight and I am here to share all the triumphs and woos of sustainable living.

At Penn State, I studied English and Secondary Education. I’ve worked as an English teacher for a couple years. It’s a rewarding career but also a lot of work. As an English person, I love to read. I write book reviews every once and a while. You can also consistently find me curled up in a corner with a book and a cup of tea. Devouring tomes of historical fiction is my specialty. Sitting outside with a warm sun, a novel, and birds chirping is a slice of paradise. You can even check out my Goodreads account to see what I’m reading.

As for me, I’m here to write and if you’ve made it this far, I’m impressed. Thanks for stopping by and I hope to see you around!

Happy Day-